Monday, February 23, 2015

Love Yourself

It's the most simple piece of advice: Love yourself first. Take care of yourself. Make sure to always have time for yourself.
However, most people can't seem to follow it. We spend so much time taking care of others that we forget to enjoy a few moments for ourselves. And we forget to take care of ourselves (inside and out).
I can completely relate to this. It's the end of February, and when I'm not spending my nights with my nose in a textbook, I am out with friends or family. I sometimes forget what it even feels like to relax just by myself, and not be exhausted.
This past week, we have had off from school due to the 8 inches of snow and negative temperatures our lovely Virginia has had. You would think I relaxed for a bit. Wrong. I stayed up until 1 AM most nights doing random busy work, studying for tests, and working on projects. So I finally found a hobby; blogging. I made this blog Friday at about midnight (hence, my first blog post is about midnight) to have some "me time" and do something I enjoy.
Last night I tried going to bed early (9 PM but I fell asleep at like 11), but I woke up this morning with a cold. So here I am, sitting in my bed, typing away. Maybe I should stop typing and take a nap...but I have more things to do. Oops.
But about an hour ago, I made a cup of hot chocolate, and sat right by the fireplace. It sure does feel good knowing I took a nice little break (I absolutely love my snowman mug).
What I can assure you is that taking even just 10 minutes off is the best feeling ever. Here are some of my tips on how to relax:
- Plug in headphones, and play Taylor Swift's 1989 album. Or any music you like. Blocking out the world for a while can let you think and take your mind off things.
- Bake. Whether you bake double chocolate cookies or a pan of lemon bars, it is worth it. Those extra calories are a treat you deserve after a long day.
- Work out. This may not seem like the most fun, but getting fit will make you feel good on the inside. Taking care of yourself is super important.
- Read a book. Grab that book in the back of your shelf and crack it open. Living vicariously through Harry's life at Hogwarts is worth it, trust me.
- Take a nap. This is the most simple one. Just sleep for a bit. Most teenagers or adults never think of taking a nap, but waking up refreshed will certainly make you feel better.
Always remember; remember to love yourself.
These 5 tips have definitely helped me cope with stress. Let me know of some other ways to relax! 


  1. Writing helps me to cope with things, I see it as a bit of an escape.

  2. i love that you have realized this sentiment so young in life. and that's such a cute mug!!!

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  4. I always say, if you can't love yourself how can you expect someone else will?


  5. Love this post - such perfect reminders that ring SO true!
    Come back to blogging, lady! :)


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